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At the Hop

This winter Colin came up with the idea of a Valentines party for his friends at school—girls and boys. Maura, always game for a party, helped him cut out handmade invitations in the shape of 45 RPM records. When the … Continue reading

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Two Mornings in January

Morning I The cold snap this January makes it hard to wake up, our drafty 1961 house never quite warm enough. I’m too cold to relax except when in the shower or in bed. Cold or not, Colin still wakes … Continue reading

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Friends and Superheroes

Colin loves to draw superheroes and talk about their high mission in the world “to fight for justice and peace, and the preservation of free will,” he says.  He often names the superheroes after real friends—Sadie, Jack, Emma, Carter, Elsa, … Continue reading

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My son Colin lists and catalogues whatever captivates him, filling homemade notebooks, backsides of school papers, and 3×5 index cards with scribbles, doodles, and written lists: Geometric shapes, colors, elements, candy bars (real or made up), book and movie titles, … Continue reading

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At the Movies

During the cold months before and after Christmas, my wife works most weekends, and since I’m a typical male parent, I soon—very soon—run out of educational activities for the kids and opt instead for a Saturday matinee. Maura, not a … Continue reading

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Planets, Moons, Planetoids and The Periodic Table of the Elements

Colin fills 3×5 index cards with imaginary planets, moons, and planetoids—the well-tooled cards hole-punched on one corner and clipped together with a plastic ring (no doubt his mother’s work). He presents the cards to me as a treasure. Flipping through … Continue reading

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Freak Business

At age nine, Colin has entered a volatile stage. Tears and tantrums come easily, often, and unexpectedly. He talks loud much of the time, all but shouting in typical conversions. He commands and interrupts. He ignores repeated requests, even pleas, … Continue reading

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