My guide for this blog comes from Robert Grudin’s amazing book, Time and the Art of Living, which I read over and over.  It never stops surprising me.

“We consult troops of specialists on the question of how to live, when memory alone, heard with common sense and compassion, will tell us most of what we need to know.”

This is a place where I explore my own ways of knowing the world–including memory, writing, travel, marriage, parenting, music, literature, running, work life, even owning a dog who is far wiser than I am.

I have been a writer for many years, publishing short stories, book reviews, magazine pieces, narrative non-fiction, and personal essays. Writing is a life-sustaining force for me and helps me understand things I doubt I could learn any other way.

July, 2014


6 Responses to About

  1. gdcsNina says:

    Hi There,
    I just starting “following” you and find your blogs inspiring and heart warming! I tried to find you on fb, so I could leave you a message, but…! I just started a blog under http://www.GloryDaysCountryStore.com and would absolutely love to re blog and use you as a contributor. Please check it out and let me know, because I would obviously not do that without your permission!
    ~ Love, Nina ~

  2. Harmony Lauritzen Brown says:

    Hi Steve. My name is Harmony Lauritzen Brown and I’m Gay Nickle Lauritzen Appleberry’s sister. Friday was her birthday and somebody shared the article you wrote about her on FB. It was so poignantly written and captured the essence of her spirit so perfectly that in my mind’s eye, I could actually envision her leaning against the doorway of her apartment, see her face, and hear her laugh and the inflection of her voice. As l read, a wellspring of emotion bubbled to the surface and I wept and wept. I miss my sister – so much. Thank you for bringing her to life again, if only for a moment, through your insightful words. It made a difference for me, even these many years later. Thank you.

    • slcantwell25 says:

      Harmony. So great to hear from you. I’m happy you enjoyed the piece. I think about your Sister often. She made such an impression on me. Her courage and sense of humor. I’ve never met anyone else like her. I have a few of her drawings in our house. I tell my kids about her. All the best to you and thank you for your kind note. SC

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